A Message to the Leaders of the COP26 Summit

Many around the world are concerned about their future due to accelerating climate change, environmental destruction and biodiversity loss. The 2021 IPCC report stated we could breach 1.5°C of global warming as soon as 10 years’ time. And the UN stated that current government pledges are insufficient to meet emissions targets. We do not have time for pledges, we need the necessary action to be taken now. We are calling on all world leaders attending the COP26 summit to take drastic action immediately to combat climate change.

As you will see in the gallery below, developing countries have been hardest hit by the climate crisis, even though they have contributed the least to global carbon emissions. Thus, it is imperative that the world's largest emitters provide support to developing countries to transition towards net zero in a sustainable manner. Scroll down to view contributions from around the world and click on each image to find out more.

We would like to thank all who have contributed including the Foundation of Goodness in Sri Lanka and Clube Saúde Planetária Lins in São Paulo for collating student contributions to the gallery.

We are still taking contributions ahead of the COP26 summit, so if you have a message you would like to contribute, please click here.

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